Steampunk Game Real Mechanical Keyboard $38.10$39.97

feature of product

* Product position: Gaming mechanical keyboard

* Number of buttons: 104 keys

* Keyboard cable length: about 1.6 meters

* Transfer method: Wired USB

* Product weight: about 788g

* Anti-ghosting: full key anti-ghosting

* Keyboard size: about 435x125x36 (mm)

* Product line: anti-interference shielding braided wire

* Panel material: metal panel

* Keycap Type: Normal / Punk [Gold-plated Keycap]

Product advantages

1: The top cover of the keyboard is made of metal, which is more durable.

2: Electroplated keycaps are not easy to wear, and the ergonomic trapezoidal keycap curve

3: In the intelligent sleep mode, the host enters the sleep or standby state.

After the host starts, the backlight function is turned off and the previous mode is restored.

4: Designed with a mechanical green shaft switch, the key life is about 60 million

Additional information
Weight 0.94 kg
Dimensions 450 × 150 × 40 cm

Black blue, White blue

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Customer Reviews (27)

  1. A***i

    Excellent keyboard)
    no remark

  2. N***n

    Nice keyboard. I will note first the pluses:
    1. several kinds of illumination, for every taste. Beautifully plays with flowers.
    2. arrived just in time, it is a birthday gift, and came even earlier.
    3. pleasant to the eye and easily connected.
    4. everything works fine.
    1. the box came crumpled, but the keyboard itself is intact.
    2. stickers with Russian layout are so transparent that in the dark it is not visible.
    3. to turn off the backlight, you need to push several times.
    Well, everything is fine.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  3. O***a

    Клавиатура пришла быстро, все работает. Продавец не положил руские буквы
    no remark

  4. J***e

    good~ 뷰티풀~키를 누를때마다 목각소리가 나지만
    독특하다고 할수 있겠다~led 마음에들고 키높이가 높은편 이지만 불편함은 없다~
    no remarkno remark

  5. E***r

    very good keyboard i recommend

  6. Y***v

    Very cool keyboard, after the membrane generally top, the minuses just no, the only thing I advise is to buy one of the good stickers of the Russian layout, since the Chinese put them square and quite lousy quality

  7. G***n

    item as described, fast delivery, recommended

  8. G***g

    Клавиатура хорошая, много режимов подсветки, не самая громкая(брал на коричневых свитчах)(с продавцом не общался)

  9. I***v


  10. Y***h

    cooles Teil

  11. J***e

    So nice key board♥
    Good price♥Best satisfaction♥

  12. J***e

    최고의 물건!!
    가격 만족!! led만족!! 나는 판매자에게 칭찬 합니다.
    신뢰가는 판매자 ♥

  13. E***i

    I love it so much.

  14. M***o

    Не положил русскую раскладку((

  15. G***a

    Клавиатуру заказывала для сына. Ему всё нравится, замечаний нет. В комментариях к заказу просила Продавца положить наклейки для русской клавиатуры. Просьба осталась без внимания, на контакт Продавец не идет, сообщения не читает. Впервые сталкиваюсь с таким отношением к Покупателю.
    no remarkno remark

  16. G***n

    Оочень хорошая клава,продавец отправил быстро послыку, но из-за карамбавируса задержали отправки на неделю, затем почта рф отправила не туда, клава полностью механика, по ощущениям стоит значительно дороже, по качеству бомба просто, особенно звук клавиш, продавец постоянно мне отправлял местоположение посылки, когда я спрашивал.

  17. A***a

    Excelente, muy buena funcion
    no remark

  18. A***a

    Very like, cool

  19. K***a

    All according to the description. Fast shipping, czekałam 10 days. As most recommend

  20. I***v

    The keyboard is cool, it's a pity not RGB. The only negative is that a little M3 is erased (scratched).
    no remarkno remark

  21. M***h

    Awesome, the box came as after football 🙂 stickers I was not put as everyone, it's a shame (high buttons just under my hand) that you can still say, Clava gun.
    no remarkno remarkno remarkno remarkno remark

  22. A***a

    very fast delivery

  23. S***v

    Excellent keyboard!!!

  24. K***r

    Machine food called blow cold may be different backlight also please Goma then on. The lettering edition is not each separately. The switch is right Altman key + shift switch to this week.
    no remarkno remarkno remark

  25. C***r

    Meets the description

  26. M***a

    I arrive very well fast very happy

  27. S***h

    I ordered a keyboard with a multimedia button, but I came without it (. The keyboard itself is cool